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Gold Part 3: mines

This is the third and final part on investing in gold (& Silver), the sequel of part two here. Gold and gold (silver,..) mines move in a correlated manner; Gold up, mines up. The main distictions are: Mines usually make a profit and pay a dividend. Physical gold obviously does not. A mine can be…

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Gold & Silver Part 2: ETF

The first post on gold presented the options to purchase gold and silver as a physical metal to keep at home or at the bank (vault). See here. Gold as an ETF It is a lot easier to have a record in your investment account compared to buying the shiny yellow stuff and keeping it…

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Gold Part 1: Physical Gold

Why? It is the ultimate insurance against anything that can go wrong in the financial system. Gold protects against currency devaluation including hyperinflation, bank crashes,, currency defaults, but also against severe bear markets. So it is really very different from any other financial instrument. It does not have a return on its value, no dividends…

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