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The story of Cisco

Also known as the story about valuation disillusion The largest company in the world today, measured by its ‘Market Capitalisation’ (value of the company’s stock on the market, number of shares x share price) is Apple. I have no idea what the future of Apple or its stock will be, or how long it is…

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Wall Street news

I’m frequently annoyed by all the stupidities which are thrown at you when reading the financial news. I understand that journalists have to fill their web pages with something, but why all this nonsense? Especially predictions are an attack to the few working braincells left in my head. Sometimes I just copy a link and…

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Gold Part 3: mines

This is the third and final part on investing in gold (& Silver), the sequel of part two here. Gold and gold (silver,..) mines move in a correlated manner; Gold up, mines up. The main distictions are: Mines usually make a profit and pay a dividend. Physical gold obviously does not. A mine can be…

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